What are our tools?

Our behavioral studies of cognition take place in our laboratory, located in the Jerome L. Greene Science Center on Broadway between 129th and 130th street, part of Columbia's Manhattanville Campus. Participants in these studies sit at a desk in a quiet room and play computer games that involve learning information and making decisions. Participants are individuals of a variety of ages, from 6 to 80, including people who are healthy or who have a specific neurological or psychiatric condition. 

Our brain imaging studies also take place at the Jerome L. Greene Science Center. We use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI): a non-invasive method for measuring changes in brain activation that are related to mental processes. Participants in our brain imaging studies lie in a scanner while they play computer games which we design. This allows us to examine what is happening in the brain - and where it is happening - while people learn information and make decisions.

If you are interested in reading more about our studies, check out some of our recent papers. If you are interested in participating in a brain imaging study, please email us at [email protected]