Two routes to value-based decisions in Parkinsons disease: differentiating incremental reinforcement learning from episodic memory

Leila Montaser-Kouhsari
Jonathan Nicholas
Raphael Gerraty
Daphna Shohamy

Emergent neural dynamics and geometry for generalization in a transitive inference task

Kenneth Kay
Natalie Biderman
Ramin Khajeh
Manuel Beiran
Christopher J Cueva
Daphna Shohamy
Greg Jensen
Xue-Xin Wei
Vincent P Ferrera
L F Abbott

Value construction through sequential sampling explains serial dependencies in decision making

Ariel Zylberber
Akram Bakkour
Daphna Shohamy
Michael N Shadlen


Proactive and reactive construction of memory-based preferences

Jonathan Nicholas
Nathaniel D. Daw
Daphna Shohamy

The role of the cerebellum in learning to predict reward: evidence from cerebellar ataxia

Jonathan Nicholas
Christian Amlang
Chi-Ying R Lin
Leila Montaser-Kouhsari
Natasha Desai
Ming-Kai Pan
Sheng-Han Kuo
Daphna Shohamy

The role of memory in counterfactual valuation

Natalie Biderman
Samuel J. Gershman
Daphna Shohamy

Human Exploration Strategically Balances Approaching and Avoiding Uncertainty

Yaniv Abir
MN Shadlen
Daphna Shohamy




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