Daphna Shohamy, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Area of Research

The cognitive neuroscience of learning, memory and decision making


Daphna founded the Learning Lab at Columbia in 2007. Daphna received a BA from Tel-Aviv University, double majoring in Psychology and Humanities. She then went on to receive a PhD in Neuroscience from Rutgers University and trained as a postdoc at Stanford University's Psychology Department. Daphna is currently an associate professor in the Psychology department at Columbia University.

The interdisciplinary research in the Learning Lab builds on joint efforts of many people, including undergraduate and graduate students, research assistants, postdocs and collaborators, with expertise spanning multiple disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics and computer science. 

Appointments at Columbia

Awards and Affiliations

McKnight Foundation: Memory and Cognitive Disorders Award (2016) 

Cognitive Neuroscience Society: Young Investigator Award (2014)

Society for Neuroeconomics: Young Investigator Award (2013)

Columbia University: Lenfest Distinguished Faculty Award (2012)